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Torque Multipliers - hand or remote operated and single or multi-spindle

Torque Multipliers:
Bolting Muscle Multiplied 

Replace IMPACT WRENCHES with a safer, accurate alternative. Torque multipliers deliver accurate torque with low noise and no impact vibrations to the operator.

Faster than a HYDRAULIC TORQUE WRENCH, continuously rotating tools provide consistent torque output without impacting or impulsing.

  • Multiplied Torque Output from 74 to 220,000 lbf.ft
    (100 to 300,000 N.m)
  • Hand, Pneumatic & Electrically Powered Models
  • Hand Operated or Remote Controlled
  • Single or Multi-Spindle Production Tooling

Pneumatic Torque Multiplier Application Video (click here)



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