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Torque Cailibration Instruments

Torque Calibration Instruments

High quality torque transducers for accurate torque over a wide range.

  • Static, Impulse Rotary & Annular Transducers
  • Torque from 1 lbf.ft to 100000 lbf.ft.
    (0.04 N.m to 100,000 N.m)
  • Precision Beam & Weight Systems for Transducer Calibration
  • Torque Tool Testers
  • Static Torque Meters
  • Flange Mounted Transducers 
  • Static Torque Blocks 
  • ISO Torque Wrench Testers 

Transducers to 5,000 N.m (or 5,000 lbf.ft) include UKAS calibration certificate from Norbar. Larger transducers certified to National Instate of Standards (NIST).  mV/V calibration also available.




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Torque Calibration Instruments


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